Canada's iconic maple leaf

Five Cool Things About Canada

Canada's iconic maple leaf

I recently had a chance to visit Toronto, Canada for the first time. I went to Montreal once before when I was younger, but vacations with parents don’t count (especially when you’re 10 years old). With my first adult trip to Canada I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I knew was that it was going to be super cold. Growing up in Maine I was used to the cold weather but I think that Southern California spoiled me for good. It’s interesting to note that before I left for my trip I drove around the Summerlin mall (in Las Vegas, NV) looking for a scarf. I went through roughly fifteen stores and only found one at Gap (on a mannequin). It took a few minutes of talking to the manager, but I finally got her to part with the inventory.

Armed with my suitcase, new scarf, and charged iPhone, I was ready to go. After a full five days in Toronto, here’s what I thought to be cool:

People from the different provinces are all -- well, different

Before coming to Canada I assumed that the people would be pretty similar. I know that this viewpoint was stereotypical, but I didn’t know how wrong I was until I got there. During my trip to Costa Rica I met a couple guys from Saskatchewan. So, I wrongly assumed that everyone I met would talk, walk, and dress like those guys. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Toronto was much more hip than I could have imagined. Although, I did find one interesting bit of information: most people I talked to spoke very negatively about Quebec. Apparently, the French Canadians are much more inclined to follow their French roots over the British ones. Who knew?

Most of the people I met were really friendly and relaxed.

Everyone loves Tim Horton’s

Another major finding was that everyone absolutely loved Tim Hortons. You know, it’s kind of like a Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts. I guess that in such a cold place warm coffee would be a big market.

Tim Hortons - Tim Hortons is a very popular coffee and pastry chain in Canada.Source:

People in Toronto are fashionable

I was really surprised to see how fashionable everyone was. This aspect really shocked me because I didn’t expect it. It was interesting to see how people would be creative with all of the layers they wore (because of the cold).

Fashionable Toronto locals - Well-dressed Toronto locals are creative with their cold weather clothing choices.

Cora is the best breakfast diner in the world

If you have never heard of a place called Cora, don’t worry because I haven’t either. It’s one of those breakfast places with really good pictures of food on the menu. I was expecting to get food that didn’t match what it was pictured like. Boy, was I wrong. The food looked even better. You could tell that they used the freshed ingredients for everything. If you ever get a chance to try Cora, do it. You won’t regret it.

Food at Cora - Cora is a restaurant that serves great breakfast food with fresh ingredients.

The views are amazing

I checked out CN Tower and a few other places but I thought the best view was from the Thompson Hotel (downtown Toronto). I would say more about it but the panorama below says it all.

All in all, I really enjoyed Canada and would come back in the future. However, I would only come in the summer months because that cold wind in your face is just too blistering to bare anymore.

Panorama removed because Microsoft stopped supporting the app.


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