Denver, Colorado mountains

Denver Ahoy!

Denver, Colorado mountains

July 4th in Denver, Colorado. I ended up going to Denver over the July 4th weekend. I had never been before (except for the airport) so I didn’t know what to expect. I went purely for tourist reasons and ended up visiting some of the most common destinations that Trip Advisor recommended. While this post may be a bit more dry than the others, it will mostly highlight what I saw and whether I would recommend it to others.

Denver Federal Reserve Bank - Money Museum

Among other notable federal buildings, Denver had a special money museum that highlighted some history of US currency as well as some displays. It was free to go (always a plus) and pretty close to my hotel (which was downtown on Champa street). Firstly, it’s an extremely small “museum” so don’t expect to make a day out of it. I personally liked it even though it was just looking at dated currency. Although, one cool thing was seeing 30 million dollars on display at a case. One would have to imagine that others have thought about ramming it for a quick payout.

Money Museum - This U.S. currency display at the Denver Federal Reserve Money Museum houses thirty million dollars.

16th Street shopping

Downtown had a nice street where there were lots of stores to visit. It had the usual suspects: restaurants, clothing stores, major retailers and specialty stores. While the shopping was so-so the different kinds of places to try and taste beer were phenomenal. If you are a hardcore beer fan then this is surely the place for you. Most of the smaller restaurants had their own local brews and they were pretty liberal on allowing tastings.

One of the most fun things to do was the rickshaw ride. You would be surprised to experience how fast you move between people and stands. It’s worth the twenty dollars.

Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Zoo was an awesome place. It had more exhibits than other smaller zoos and the animals were pretty visible. Plus, it’s right near the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It was basically like killing two birds with one stone. You could surely make an entire day out of visiting these two attractions. The underpass where you walk through the sharks is amazing. Plenty of great photo opportunities await you.

King Kong up close - A large gorilla looks through glass at a young girl visiting the Denver Zoo.

Denver Art Museum

Firstly, don’t confuse this one with the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. I went to that one first and they only had one exhibit. It really wasn’t worth the seventeen dollar ticket. The real Denver Art Museum on the other hand was well worth the money. It took about four hours to get through it and featured tons of artifacts from the ancient world.

A day at the museum - With tons of intriguing displays, the Denver Art Museum was well worth the price.

Colorado state capitol

The capitol building was really cool and reminded me a lot of Pasadena City Hall in California. This was where lots of preparation was done for the evening festivities and fireworks. It was also a great opportunity for another awesome panorama using the Microsoft Photosynth App (which has sadly been discontinued).

Panorama removed because Microsoft stopped supporting the app.

Overall, I definitely recommend visiting Denver at least once even for a weekend. My only regret was that I didn’t visit or see the natural scenery that it has to offer. Maybe in another trip.


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