Aruba country outline

Aruba Ariba!

Aruba country outline

In early May (2015) I took a trip to Aruba with my friend Chris and his wife Tiffani. While I have visited most of Costa Rica before, I have never been that far down south. I expected it to be hot but wasn’t sure about the humidity so I just packed pretty light: shorts, one pair of jeans, and shirts. We stayed at a Riu Resort on the north west end of the island.

One thing I was pleasantly surprised about was the airport experience. It was fast and mostly empty. The people were friendly it wasn’t like flying through LAX or another busy place. It made vacation really feel like vacation.

When I got to Aruba I was surprised with how windy it was. As the picture below shows, those trees are moving pretty quickly. The intense wind never relented and it caused lots of sand to blow in your face all day. It actually reminded me of Las Vegas. Heat, wind, and sand. Of course, that’s not to say that the weather wasn’t very lovely.

A windy Aruba - Relaxing by the pool in a windy Aruba.

Natural pool

One really cool thing was a natural pool that we all read about. I didn’t know what to expect but do know that it took a car and a long hike to get there. The natural pool was a closed off area surrounded by rocks right by where the waves come in. One poor group of chaps tried to drive their car there through the beach and ended up getting stuck. We tried to help them (see cover photo) but even strong man @bosstinnett couldn’t help them out. The lesson learned was that you shouldn’t drive your car on the beach or risk getting stuck.

A natural pool - Going for a swim in a natural pool encircled by rocks.

I also took a nice panorama with my Photosynth App from Microsoft.

Panorama removed because Microsoft stopped supporting the app.

Other than that, the rest of the vacation was basic R and R. I ended up getting really lucky on the roulette table and winning a bit of money only to lose it in poker. I should have stopped when I was ahead. Golf at the Divi Village Resort on the island was also really nice. There were tons of iguanas on the course (as opposed to rabbits on the west coast). These things were interesting and I was wowed by how many there were. My friend’s wife was a bit bored during golf but was gracious enough to be our caddie even though her wind predictions didn’t help my score.

Golf, roulette, swimming - Golf, roulette, and swimming are on the agenda for a relaxing time in Aruba.

Fun on the golf course - My friend's wife relaxes in a golf cart while we practice our golf swings.

Out to dinner - Our group enjoys a meal in fashionable sombreros.

As the Island’s tagline reads, the place really was “one happy island.”


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