Current Projects

I currently spend my time working on my own companies as well as non-profit work.

I spend most of my time working on internet related projects that can be delivered on a global scale as well as some local initiatives. Currently, I divide my time between my active projects as well as some local volunteering initiatives.

Nevada Center on Foreign Relations (NCFR)

The NCFR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing programming with qualityspeakers and contributors regarding the most critical issues facing U.S. foreign policy and foreign relations. As a Vice President and the Chief Technology Officer my responsibilities include oversight of the web presence, online marketing initiatives, productivity tools and more. I mainly focus on contributing to the organization's mission through making sure that members, donors and interested parties are digitally connected to the latest information.

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Agopri Corporation

Agopri is a business writing service marketplace with plans for stronger content creation management software. The mission of Agopri is to empower businesses to plan, create and distribute more effective content. This project was started in January of 2014 and is expected to launch in April of 2017. I spend the majority of my time working on business strategy, team building and logistics.

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Ultius, Inc.

Ultius connects American freelance writers with customers for custom writing, editing, and business writing services. Ultius has customers in over 50 countries around the world, employs 1500+ contracted writers, and has 45 full time staff members working out of the Las Vegas location.

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Volunteer Work - Valley Bible Fellowship of Las Vegas

VBF is a a non-denominational Christian Church In Las Vegas, located at 4500 W Sahara Ave. Aside from being a frequent member, I contribute my time to the church's impressive list of local contributions related to poverty alleviation. The Brown Bag Ministry collects donated food from local markets and hands out bagged lunches for the homeless and hungry. Additionally, the Serve Las Vegas initiative sets up various "stations" across the city that serve the community through free food distributions and elderly home visits. I am both lucky and humbled to be part of an organization that truly gives back to its community in such a meaningful way.

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For more information about my professional career, please visit my LinkedIn page.